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my mystery shopping

March 4th, 2008 at 06:32 pm

I have been a mystery shopper for many yrs and I am not getting rich at it but I do many extra money doing it. I average about 500.00 a yr doing this plus I get paid to keep alot of the items I buy for the shop. Doing these shops also get me free lunches alot while I am working. I have done shops for various companies but my favorite are for free trips to either the movies, the local putt putt or a game room. These pay nicely plus you have a free nite of entertainment. I try to do these type shops along with another shop for a diner or somewhere that I have to buy food and that way I get a meal and a nite out of fun.
This is not the way to get rich quick but it does add a little bit to the check book and every bit helps.
DONT BE TAKEN IN BY THE EMAILS OFFERING TO SIGN YOU UP FOR MYSTERY SHOPPING FOR A FEE. THIS IS A SCAM!!!!!!!!!The info is all on the web for free. Go to this site and there is a list of companies to sign up for that dont charge you for signing up.