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my mystery shopping

March 4th, 2008 at 06:32 pm

I have been a mystery shopper for many yrs and I am not getting rich at it but I do many extra money doing it. I average about 500.00 a yr doing this plus I get paid to keep alot of the items I buy for the shop. Doing these shops also get me free lunches alot while I am working. I have done shops for various companies but my favorite are for free trips to either the movies, the local putt putt or a game room. These pay nicely plus you have a free nite of entertainment. I try to do these type shops along with another shop for a diner or somewhere that I have to buy food and that way I get a meal and a nite out of fun.
This is not the way to get rich quick but it does add a little bit to the check book and every bit helps.
DONT BE TAKEN IN BY THE EMAILS OFFERING TO SIGN YOU UP FOR MYSTERY SHOPPING FOR A FEE. THIS IS A SCAM!!!!!!!!!The info is all on the web for free. Go to this site and there is a list of companies to sign up for that dont charge you for signing up.

6 Responses to “my mystery shopping”

  1. clubneary Says:

    Would you mind telling me which company you work through? I have often wondered about doing this but most places require you to PAY in order to sign up. I've heard that you should never pay money to make money.

  2. Ima saver Says:

    I worked for one for several years, but usually only made 3 or 4 dollars at a time. I quit a while back. (gas cost too much)

  3. kimiko Says:

    Have you look at the various companies listed on Volition.com? I used to work with ShopnCheck and they're pretty decent.

  4. littlejo Says:

    I average anywhere from 15.00 to 45.00 a shop plus food or movie or whatever entertainment I have to go to. Lots pay like 8.00 or 10.00 but I never sign up for those unless it is for a store or place that I am going to or will be driving by anyways. I shop for about 20 -30 different companies(Not all in the same month.) and I found all of them on the site I listed except 3-5 of them. I was referred to some by other companies because I do a very good job for them.. I pick the ones I want. I get paid for driving time for my job and I pick the places I will be going past and use my lunch break to do a mystery shop and get my lunch for free.

  5. littlejo Says:

    I just got the oil changed in my car for free. thanks to mysterying shopping and we will be going to the movies for free too! thanks again for the mystery shopping!

  6. mystery shopping Says:

    Very good article. I have also done many shops and particularly like the upscale dining. I agree that there are many different companies and you should never pay to sign up for one.

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