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more coupon savings

April 18th, 2008 at 03:02 pm

I was lucky enough to get alot of the 90 cents off dukes mayo coupons and our local lowes foods will double them. the pint jar is on sale for 1.69 . by using these coupons, i was able to get the mayo free plue 11 cents overage on each jar I bought. plue I had 20 of the free cat food coupons that just came out in the papers so we are set for mayo and cat food for a long long time!
with the way the cost of food and such is going up each day, i am trying to stock pile about everything we need. i found flour at the dollar general for 1.25 for 5 lbs so i got a few bags and have them stored in the extra fridge we have. also a friend of ours sells us flats of eggs ( 30 eggs per flat) for 2.00.
people need to start saving as much as they can cause with the cost of gas rising each day, they will need the stock pile just to be able to feed their families.