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frugal ways

March 4th, 2008 at 06:27 pm

I have been called frugal, cheap, tight and lots of other things but I dont mind. I have a client who is a mutilmillionare and he clips and uses coupons. He told me once that he many be very well off but he dont see any reason in wasting money. I have to agree with him.
Here is a few things I do to save money:
Hang out laundry to dry, yr round even in n.c in the winter.
we heat with wood and our wood stove is also a cook stove that I cook on alot in the winter time.
grow a huge garden: can , freeze veggies plus I donate alot ot people who I know can use it and the food bank at church.
reuse zip bags
I crochet and knit and make alot of gifts to give at holidays.
turn off lights when I leave the room.
borrow books from the library. videos too.
I get lots of cuttings and bulbs for flowers from friends instead of buying them.
open the windows instead of turning the ac on
our oil furance is set to come on if its below 50 in the house. our wood stove usually keeps it nice and comfy.
save all my change in a can and that is what we use for play money on vacation each yr.
only buy prepackaged foods if the coupons I have will get them for free.
I will add more to this list as time goes on. This is what I do daily.